In May 2007 I became the owner of the store.
As a little boy I thought it was wonderful to have broken things fix it and then I thought it was a victory if it worked again.
I never lost that and my dream was to make it my work someday.
We are parts supplier for many brands of white and brown good for individuals, but companies can also come to us.
You tell what is wrong with your device and we usually come up with a solution.
We also have many types of cable for audio / video, internet and electricity,
Not to mention power plugs, a tulip plug or a jack.

Computer supplies are also available from us, for example, consider an adapter for your laptop, card cartridges for the printer ...
A normal light bulb, halogen, fluorescent lamp or lamps for your sunbed.
Parts for your bike ... from bicycle bell, bags, saddles, child seats, chains, lighting, inner and outer tires .... we just have it.
Batteries and chargers, handy devices of which many exist don't even know ... we deliver them.
And then we still have everything for your vacuum cleaner ... all loose parts, dust bags, filters, tubes, floor nozzles.
We have a range of hardware
We also started with a key service as of 2018.

Just walk in and look around you and you will be amazed by what you will find once you are inside. Advice and service are free, we deliver the rest for a reasonable price.